Whiskey Proposition

Bar Service for Weddings and Special Events in the Brainerd Lakes Area



The answers to your burning questions!


+ What do you supply?

First and foremost - we provide our friendly and professional staff (they are basically awesome and have smiling eyes) for bar setup, beverage service and cleanup. We also supply table water service, cups or glassware (depending on package selection), bar tools, ice, garnishes, mixers, and cocktail napkins. We do not supply the alcohol, but we will work with you to create a shopping list to serve your event. If you have a wishlist item, let us know and we'll work with you.

+ Wait - so who brings the alcohol?

Our most popular question! You buy the alcohol from place of your choosing ---> it gets to the event (you bring it or have it delivered through our preferred reseller) ---> we stock the bar and serve delicious drinks. We won't leave you wondering what to buy or when - we'll work together through a prepared list of questions and complete the order form together. We also have some great recommendations for local shops where you can buy from, get delivered and possibly return unused beer and wine.

+ How much does it cost?

We're priceless...kidding...sort of. ;) We have a number of package options that are based on two things - 1. How many types of drinks would you like to serve and for how many hours? and 2. How many guests will your event have? Example - A 200 guest event can range from $1,200 to $3,000 depending on the package.

+ Are you insured?

We are liquor liability and general liability insured to cover our staff and service.

+ Do you have a liquor license?

We do not have a liquor license and this is why we do not sell alcohol or offer cash bar service, so you have to buy all the booze for your event. But that's where the savings come - we generally see at least a 40% savings with our service + your booze over the traditional hosted bar as we don't upcharge the alcohol.

+ Where are you based out of?

We currently have a satellite office at Northern Pacific Center in Brainerd, Minnesota. We LOVE serving wedding couples at The NP Event Space and Luminary Fern, but also have a special place in our hearts for private residence weddings and events - give us a call and bring us to your barn or lake home - we would love to serve you there! We offer no travel charges within 10 miles of 203 Blacksmith Circle, Brainerd, MN. Mileage over 10 miles is $1.00 per mile, per bartender.

+ Do you offer non-alcoholic service?

Of course! We have a base package specifically without alcohol. And if you feel like getting a little more creative we can modify any of our larger packages to be non-alcoholic too! It can be as simple as coffee, water and pop to cappuccinos, kiddie cocktails, infused waters, punch, lemonade and more.

+ How do I book?

Let's talk! Please contact us here and choose a consultation phone call time (or email consult if you are a no talk on the phone kind of person...)! We are happy to forward on all pricing information and chat through any other initial questions. To book we require a 50% retainer as well as a signed contract. We do book out 6+ months in advance, so is better to contact sooner than later!

+ Can I book the camper bar?

First, we have to make sure it is available to rent through Farmhouse Foundry. After confirming it's available for your date we need to make sure you have a flat surface (accessible to the camper bar) and power. If that is all good - go ahead and book that camper and let's get planning your bar menu!

+ How do I know if this is allowed at my venue?

While most of our clients book us for private residences, farms, estates or venues that are okay with outside vendors, it is possible that your location may not allow an outside bar company. Please confirm that your venue allows outside catering and bar service because if they don't it is unlikely we will be able to change their policy. We are a preferred vendor at Luminary Fern and The NP Event Space.